1559 – Francis ll Crowned King of France at 15 Years Old

Francis ll
Francis ll

From the blog: MaryQueenofScots.net

On 18 September 1559, with the court still in mourning, Francis was crowned King Francis II at Reims by its archbishop, the Cardinal of Lorraine. It took four nobles to support the Crown of Charlemagne over his puny head. As a queen regnant, Mary was not crowned, but appeared in white, the traditional colour of mourning in France, conveniently the colour that suited her best. Francis was soon exhausted, starting to yawn at the banquet afterwards, seated in accordance with tradition at a table by himself. This brought the event to a hasty conclusion.”

About a month after Henry’s death, Mary started to believe that she was pregnant…..”

To read further about Francis (in great detail) please go to this page:  Francis II of France

after FranÁois Clouet, photograph of drawing, (circa 1560)


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