1. Jade Kilgour

    Great article. Really enjoyed reading it.

    It’s been widely suggested that Jane died of partial retaining of the placenta which then lead to septicaemia. Lucy Wolsey chief curator of Hampton Court discusses this in a documentary I caught not that long ago. They also discuss the likelyhood of her being Queen putting her at a disadvantage in regards to her perinatal and midwifery care. Very interesting.

  2. carrie

    Henry had had 2 or 3 sons that lived only a short time. The New Years baby lived for a month so this would not be the first time he held a son in his arms. Sorry, but it kind of drives me crazy that historians say that this was the long for child at his birth. He had to have been cautious, losing sons by Katherine of Aragon.

  3. Sara

    Jane was also second cousin to Katheryn Howard, Anne and Mary Boleyn through their common great-grand-mother Elizabeth Cheney.

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