1. Donald Rockhill

    I have read that because of her sexual behaviour at the French court, the men there called her “The English Mare,” implying that many had ridden her.D

  2. Vera Phillips

    “King Henry was compelled to force Mary’s father to take her in at the family castle of Hever” ? I think this sums up Thomas Boleyn’s attitude to his children and why he sat back when two of them were sent to their deaths. From the little I have read about Mary (including the letter to Cromwell) I like her much more than her sister and would like to learn more about her . So tragic that her happiness (marrying for love) and good fortune(inheriting as the sole survivor of the Boleyns) was short lived

  3. Joyce VandenBerg

    I beg to differ on the author’s statement that few people knew about Mary Boleyn. I feel anyone who even has a remote interest in Anne Boleyn or Tudor history is very much aware of Mary. She is also mentioned in every book and movie that was ever made about Anne. I recently read that Mary Boleyn is the ancestor that today’s British royal family is directly descended from. Very interesting.

  4. teresis

    Hi i also love reading history especially about European courts. Can u suggest a movie or miniseries on the Tsar of Russian or the Ramonav. I enjoy reading and than watching a movie based on it.
    Thank you

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