1. Diana Wooding

    so much history! if i had known i had so much english heritage, i would have visited england more often, than some of the other countries i visited 8 times….my husband has just as much ancestry there…much more i think..we are related to each other so many times ! now i know why we fight so much, lol..we learned nothing about english history (too bad they didn’t teach us better ”english” too….in english class ie, american..) i watch the showtime special constantly……it’s awesome. i recently found out what my husband’s surname means, and it is not about ”cutting wood.” his mormon cousin in slc told us….too funny… keep up the good work, for us yanks trying to find our heritage….

  2. I’ve always heard that she sent words of comfort to George while he was in the Tower which makes me believe she cared for him. Also the testimony she is said to have given had actually been attributed to another woman in Anne’s household.

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