1. Katherine

    Is she depicted in the Tudors series? I remember a scene in which Edward Seymour’s wife slept with his brother, Thomas.

    • Tudors Dynasty

      She IS depicted in the series. I’m confident that she never slept Thomas Seymour – that was one of those historical liberties that they took while making the series.

      • Amy

        Maybe it was a combination of Edward’s first wife Katherine Fillol and Ann. It is a typical move when a show covers history to combine characters, and the show didn’t really go into the rift between Edward and his father, so they may have rolled it into the character relationship arch between the brothers.

        • Catalina Monti di Oro

          I do not like it when they do that, combine characters because Catherine Faliol was her own person and the Lady Anne Stanhope was her own character and I believe both women were good women and I do not believe Sir John Seymour slept with Catherine Faloil, nor do I believe that the Lady Anne Stanhope is a bad woman. I think that she was a good woman. She lived a long, long life. After Sir Edward Seymour was excuted, she remarried and lived until ninety. Whatever happened between her and Katherine Parr happened and we do not need to worry about it. It does not make the Lady Anne Stanhope bad.

    • In the Tudors series she was depicted as having a affair with Thomas Seymour and naming a baby boy Thomas, suggesting that the child was Thomas’s but in the article above none of her children were named Thomas. Though highly entertaining the Tudors series was so inaccurate.

      • Tudors Dynasty

        I love The Tudors on Showtime as well.

        What I think they were trying to do (as usual) was combine stories for drama. If you’ve read my post, “Edward Seymour: Father or Brother?” you’d see that Edward was married once before to Katherine Fillol, and the story goes that she had an affair (possibly with his father)… she gave birth to two sons during their marriage. Edward did not know if they were his sons and ultimately left his wife and sent her to a nunnery. I believe that is what they touching base on in the TV series.

  2. Jo

    How interesting if those four had found a common ground and gotten along. No Northumberland taking over and putting poor Jane on the throne. If they had unified and welcomed Mary (yes, both Catherine and Thomas were dead before then but they might not have been if only the brothers could get over themselves) to the throne but still presented a strong Protestant presence with acceptance to both faiths who knows how things would have progressed? My take is sibling rivalry between the boys. I don’t think either woman cared about the jewels or who was able to walk before whom.

    • Amy

      As nice as this thought is it is unlikely that those four finding common ground would have slowed any of Thomas or Edward’s political ambition, which was the catalyst for each of their deaths, nor that it would have had any effect on the way the birth of Katherine’s daughter Mary effected her. Even if it could be attributed to stress there were many outside factors, the biggest of which was her husband’s suspicious behavior towards her step-daughter (once again most likely spurred by his ambition)

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