1. April Denn

    Seems like ol Thomas was relentless! After the death of Henry VIII, Princess Elizabeth went to live with Queen Dowager Catherine, but left her household after an incident with the Lord Admiral, Thomas Seymour, who was now Catherine’s husband. Just what occurred between these two will never be known for sure, but rumors at the time suggested that Catherine had caught them kissing or perhaps even in bed together. Catherine was pregnant at the time of the incident, and Elizabeth was sent from May to Oct of 1548 to Cheshunt, the house of Sir Anthony Denny and his wife Joan Champernowne Denny. Elizabeth Jenkins, in her book ELIZABETH THE GREAT, tells how Denny broke the news of the Lord Admiral’s, Thomas Seymour, arrest. Denny was the one to arrest Thomas Parry and Kate Ashley (Joan’s sister) after interviewing Elizabeth at Hatfield.

    • Janie

      Yes and many even try to say she had a child by him. If she did, it was statuary rape by today’s standards as she was only 14. I don’t think there is any real poof that she did thoguh. It does make for good interesting fiction.

      I do relive maybe that is hwy hes never married, since she came close to execution for her alleged affair with Thomas Seymour and her only 15 when he was executed.

      Between that incident and what happened to her mother and Katherine Howard, no wonder she never chose to marry.
      to marry.

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