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The Glory Of My Crown (Guest Post)

Guest article by Lindsey Wolf November 30, 1601. 140 members of the House of Commons collected unceremoniously in the Council Chamber of Whitehall. Kneeling in respect of their sovereign who had ruled them for these past forty three years, they both heard and recorded what was to go down as Elizabeth’s “Golden Speech.” Additionally, it…

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The Armada is Coming (Guest Post)

by Heather R. Darsie It was 29 June 1588. The Spanish Armada sailing in its customary crescent shape was spotted off the coast of Cornwall. After many years of waiting, the time had finally come: Spain was invading England to reclaim the country for Catholicism. It is possible that Philip II, former brother-in-law to Elizabeth…

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Queen Elizabeth Artifacts

One of the most recognizable monarchs of all time is Queen Elizabeth I of England. Four hundred and fifteen years after her death she is still revered as one of the best monarchs in history. She reigned for forty-five years and her rule was known as the Age of Gloriana. Not bad for the illegitimate…

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