1. Memarge

    What a very interesting, well-written article. I was feeling sympathy for Anne due to Mary Scrope’s excellent reporting skills.

  2. Lynn Drummond

    This is great, love the story told from completely different point of view, you can understand the obvious interest of the court, a lot to gain, and to lose, but the wife of the master of the Tower???? , question Is, id this the same Lord Scrope that welcomed Anne of Cleve’s??????

  3. Helen Hodge

    Even all these centuries later, this is a heartbreaking story to read, being as we are almost sure the ‘crimes’ with which she was charged, were definitely not true. How very ironic that this much maligned Queen, gave birth to the daughter who would become one of England’s outstanding monarchs. I really enjoyed reading this version of the events leading up to her executions. Thanks.

  4. dawn p. lewis

    What an incredible article, you get a real insight into the events and the days leading up to Anne’s execution. Loved the fact that Kingston’s wife thought she was innocent. Heartbreaking read but thank you for posting

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