Anna of Denmark: Queen, Patron, and Matriarch

Written by Dr. Steven Veerapen Historically, Anna (or Anne) of Denmark has not received a great press. To too many, she is an unknown quantity – a name, glimpsed as an adjunct to King James: a non-speaking background figure, literally, seen in dramas as varied as 2017’s Gunpowder and Disney’s direct-to-video Pocahontas 2. She has, moreover, enjoyed unfavourable comparisons to her predecessors as queens consort, especially of England. Whilst bookshop and library shelves [More]

Lady Katherine Grey: Tudor Heiress

According to the last will and testament of Henry VIII, the throne of England should have been inherited by the descendants of Lady Katherine Grey when Henry’s younger daughter, Elizabeth I, died on 24 March 1603. A somewhat obscure figure in Tudor history, Katherine was the second daughter of Henry, duke of Suffolk and his wife Frances, the elder daughter of Mary Tudor, queen of France and subsequently duchess of Suffolk. Mary was the youngest surviving daughter of the first [More]