Under Which Tudor Monarch Did This Occur?

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Under Which Tudor Monarch Did This Occur?

Do you think you know England's history from 1485 to 1603? See if you know which Tudor monarch was reigning during each of these important events!

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The storm now known as the "Protestant Wind" destroyed the Spanish fleet sent to invade England and prevented what could have been the invasion to overthrow this monarch in an effort to restore Catholicism.

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The feuding houses of Lancaster and York were united during this monarch, thus ending the Wars of The Roses.

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Wyatt's Rebellion was an uprising led to prevent this monarch from marrying a Spanish ruler, and potentially even overthrow them.

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During this monarch's reign, the English defeated the Scottish army at the Battle of Flodden and King James IV of Scotland was killed.

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Under this monarch, Calais, England's final territory on the continent, was lost to the French after nearly two centuries.

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Under this monarch, significant reforms to religious activities began to take place, resulting in the abolition of clerical celibacy, services being led in English, and The Act of Uniformity which established The Book of Common Prayer as the instrument with which one should worship.

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An uprising led by Robert Aske, known as The Pilgrimage of Grace, occurred in favor of resuming Catholic observances and the safe return of nuns and monks to their homes after the Dissolution of the Monarchies during this monarch.

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The first captain to lead a circumnavigation around the world in a single expedition, Francis Drake, is awarded knighthood by this monarch.

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The shortest reign of all English monarchs is held by this nine-day monarch.

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Perkin Warbeck, a pretender to the English throne, claimed to be Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York, second son of Edward IV at the Court of Burgundy, and ultimately gained support to overthrow this monarch.

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