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I honestly love to create quizzes that I think might make you think a little. Here is one I just whipped up on a Friday evening during the pandemic.

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Tudor Trivia - General

I know how much you love to test your knowledge, so here is another fun quiz to get your noodle working. Enjoy! If you have questions, feel free to email me rebecca at tudorsdynasty dot com.

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What is the proper birth order of these Tudor siblings?

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Of the six wives of Henry VIII, which was he married to for the shortest amount of time?

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Between Edward VI and Mary I, who ruled longer?

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Which of the following (select one) was alive when his daughter became Queen of England?

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What year did Queen Mary I wed Philip of Spain?

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How long did the Tudors reign in England? (these are "about", not exact count)

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Of the following, which were married more than once? (select all that apply)

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