Love Tudor History? Here is a List of Sites to Check Out!

Since you are here reading this blog it means that you have a real interest in all things Tudor. When I initially started this website I did so to follow in the footsteps of someone who I thought was doing it right, and that was Claire Ridgway over at The Anne Boleyn Files. Every morning I would hop on her Facebook page to check what happened on this day in history.

It’s with that in mind that I’d like to share with you some suggestions that I have for other Tudor-related websites that, if you haven’t already, might like to take a look at. I’ll apologize in advance because you won’t accomplish anything for the rest of your day. 🙂

Site Suggestions:

The Anne Boleyn Files(website)

This blog is written and managed by Claire Ridgway, a full-time freelance writer, closet history lover, armchair historian and champion of the underdog, from England land of the Tudors, Shakespeare, green fields and yummy fish and chips. I now live in sunny Spain near the historic Alhambra.

I wanted to share my journey into the annals of history with other people who have an interest in Anne Boleyn and the Tudor period and thought that a blog would be the perfect forum.

Tudorqueen6 was started in 2012. It focuses on the 6th Tudor Queen of King Henry VIII. Hence, the name. It is written and researched by history writer Meg McGath. When I started this site, I had the intention of vamping the common interpretation of Queen Katherine. There is also a steady amount of blogs dealing with the family members of the Queen. From her ancestors to extended family. This blog is sure to give you all you want and need on Queen Katherine while also telling the stories of the Parr family.

Tudor Dreams Historical Costumier (Facebook)

If you’re obsessed with Tudor clothing then you must “like” this page and follow Gina’s posts. Her craftsmanship is truly awesome.

Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn costumes all Henrician/Tudor clothes made to order to the highest specification
All historical clothing requirements undertaken.
Tudor Times (website)
This was originally what I wanted to call my website before I realized that it was already taken – it appears I was merely a year too late.

Tudor Times was set up in 2014 to be a repository of everything about the period from 1485 1625, primarily in Britain, but also looking at European influences. We intend to cover all aspects of life you will see the site grow and expand over time as more research is done.

The content is created by the Editorial Team, and from Guest Articles by recognised authorities in the field.

The Henry Tudor Society (website)

The Henry Tudor Society was founded in early 2013 and exists to discuss, debate and deliberate the life and times of Henry VII, the first Tudor king of England. The Society also seeks to examine the general 15th Century period and the Wars of the Roses.

English History (website)

English History is one of the worlds largest independent websites focusing on England through the ages. With a focus on Tudor England, John Keats & Lord Byron any visitor can immerse themselves within the fantastic subjects on offer. For those studying these wonderful times the website can be used as a source for your academic projects and is used by countless students across the globe.

The Freelance History Writer (website)

A frequent guest writer for our website, Susan has compiled many eras of history for you to enjoy. This link will bring you to her Tudor section but be sure to look around while you’re there for article about Queens and so much more!

It seems I cant remember a time when I didnt love history. At the age of fourteen, I watched The Six Wives of Henry VIII on TV and was enthralled. Truth seemed much more strange than fiction. I started reading about Henry VIII and then branched out into many types of history. This even led me to study history in college. Even though I never did anything with the history degree, its always been a hobby of mine. I started this blog to write about my thoughts on all kinds of history from Ancient times to mid-20th Century.

This website is great if you’re looking for a little bit of everything. This was also one of the first websites that I found when I first started researching this great dynasty.

Made From – History (website)

Made From Historyis a free online resourcefocusing on making education more interactive and engaging, through using innovations in publishing technology. This means plenty of infographics, interactive charts, visual storytelling and animated videos.

Janet Wertman, Author (website)

Janet has harbored a passion for the Tudor Kings and Queens since her parents let her stay up late to watch the televised Masterpiece Theatre series (both The Six Wives of Henry VIII and Elizabeth R) when she was *cough* eight years old. One of the highlights of Janets youth was being allowed to visit the Pierpont Morgan Library on a day when it was closed to the public and examine books from Queen Elizabeths personal library and actual letters that the young Princess Elizabeth (technically Lady Elizabeth) had written.

Anne Boleyn Reflections (website)

Anne Boleyn Reflections is a website exploring the truth about King Henry VIIIs second wife. Find out the facts of this amazing woman who rose to the top of English society by the shear force of her personality and intelligence. Also feel free to lose yourself in the short stories of her unforgettable life.
Im Heather Teysko, and Im a storyteller who makes history accessible because I believe that its a powerful pathway for understanding who we are, our place in the universe, and getting in touch with our own humanity.
I have a BA in history and have done some history grad work. When I was 24 I moved to Londonbecause I was in love with English choral music, and I spent my weekends using my Young Persons Railcard to travel all over England attending Evensong services at cathedrals and abbeys around the country from Durham to Wells. I started this podcast in 2009 because there werent many podcasts covering social history in the English Renaissance.
As a writer of biographical fiction, one of my main goals is to avoid the stereotypes, myths, and misconceptions that have gathered around historical figures over the centuries. At the same time, I strive to remain true to known historical facts and to the mores of the times in which my characters lived. I use both primary sourceschronicles, letters, wills, diplomatic dispatches, household inventories, land grants, royal records, and so forthand modern historical research to achieve my primary goal, which is bringing my characters to life.

History of Royal Women (website)

My name is Moniek (please call me Mo!) and I live in Arnhem in the Netherlands. My interest began with Anne Boleyn and the Tudor times, but it greatly expanded over time as I found more and more admirable women in other countries and kingdoms. I enjoy visiting the places where these women lived and died and I love reading about them.

Queens of England Podcast

Too often when we think about the history of a country we think of kings and lords; castles and battles. Even when we consider queens we think of rulers like Elizabeth I and Victoria, but what about the queens who sat beside their husbands – the queens consort? The generations of women who held no formal power, but still wove an important strand in the tapestry of England.

The Queens of England Podcast is an alternative history of England, told through the lives of the women behind the throne.


*Check back for additions!

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  1. Because some of the ancestor’s were Henry VIII illegitimate son’s and daughters, I find that my father’s revelation to me in 1978 is now supported by genealogical web sites. Mary Boleyn is my 13th great grandmother, her sister Anne is my 13th great Aunt. Elizabeth I is my first cousin X 14 generations removed, Edward VI is my 2nd cousin by his mother. Every one of Henry VIII wives is a second, or third cousin to the main Boleyn connection at Elizabeth Howard.
    I share 59/67 DNA exact match with the cousin of Sir Robert Dudley 1532. Lastly: my father’s side is Tudor on both male and female sides thanks the Sir John Perrot’s daughter, unknown to the world as Margaret Lovelace-Mercer/ Rice of Tenby mother of my 7th great grandfather, Perrot ap Rice 1598 and my father’s Marsh maternal side descends from Whitehall Marsh and the Codrington-Anne Marsh connection to Ethelralda Mault of Joan Dingley Dobson. You should see our Tudor faces! DCR 1948 of the Nebraska Rices

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