Book Review: Jasper, by Tony Riches

I finished this book awhile ago but haven’t had time to write a review. I read it immediately after I read Tony Riches’ book, Owen, The first in his series.

Jasper Tudor was the son of Owen Tudor and Catherine of Valois who was the widow of King Henry V. This made Jasper Tudor half brothers with King Henry VI. We see their relationship play out in the story in a fascinating way.

All I’ve ever known about Jasper was his relationship with his nephew, Henry Tudor (future Henry VII). Tony Riches does a great job at bringing Jasper to life and telling his story. If anyone had a troubled life it was Jasper. Finding love appears to have been the lowest of priorities for him…not that he didn’t want it, or a family, but his life had a different path for him.

Along his path we are introduced to characters in the story who make us cheer on Jasper and hope for the best for him. From someone who has been Team York I couldn’t help but want Jasper to win every battle and to escape his many captors.

The Wars of the Roses was a dangerous time in England. This book gives the reader a new perspective on the battles and the men (and women) behind them.

I would highly recommend this book. Book Three in the trilogy, Henry will be out around Easter.

Tony Riches is a full-time author of best-selling historical fiction and non-fiction books.JASPER Book Two of The Tudor Trilogy, can be found on Amazon UKAmazon USandAmazon AU. For more information about Tonys other books please visit his popular blog, The Writing Desk and his WordPress website and find him on Facebook and Twitter @tonyriches.

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