1. Amazing

    It’s so odd to think that she probably had red hair, we’ve all have this ingrained idea that she had dark hair but the truth is she was probably a redhead.

    • Tudors Weekly

      “They” talk so much in the history books about her having dark hair and dark eyes and that she was the opposite of what was seen as beautiful back then (light hair and light eyes). Why do you believe she had red hair? I’m curious.

    • ScooterGirl

      It is Catherine of Aragon, not Anne Boleyn, that people think had dark hair because of her Spanish ancestry but who in reality was a redhead.

      • Amazing

        No, I already know about Catherine (That’s obvious) new evidence about Anne Boleyn herself shows she probably had dark red hair rather then dark hair in general. Holbein Sketch and the earliest paintings of Anne have her with red hair.

  2. Jan Johnson

    Tudor period is my period in history and Anne is my favourite Queen. I think she was the better looking of all 6 wives and the above portrait is, I like to believe, a good likeness.

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