Who was Princess Mary of York?


On 11 August 1467 Princess Mary was born at Windsor Castle. She was the second child/daughter of Edward lV and his queen consort, Elizabeth Woodville. She was the younger sister of Elizabeth of York who later became queen to Henry Vll.

Excerpt from: History Refreshed by Susan Higginbotham

The Children Who Predeceased Edward IV

In 1481, Mary, apparently no longer needed as a stand-in for her older sister’s engagement, was proposed as a bride for Frederick I of Denmark. Sadly, instead of becoming queen of Denmark, Mary died in May 1482 at Greenwich–eleven months before her father.

Mary’s burial at Windsor, also her birthplace, took place on 27-28 May 1482. Among the ladies present were Jane, Lady Grey of Ruthyn (Elizabeth Woodville’s sister), the widow of Sir Anthony Grey of Ruthyn; Joan, Lady Strange, a niece of Elizabeth Woodville who was married to George Stanley; and Katherine Grey, probably the daughter of Jane, Lady Grey. The chief mourner is not identified but may have been Jane, Lady Grey, the first woman named by the herald who recorded the funeral ceremonies.

Mary was buried alongside her little brother George. Her grave was excavated in 1810.





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