1. Our Family holds that she had twins girls hidden from the Kings Attorney’s when they came to investigate the alleged Birth of a Son William to Anne Sept 10, 1541. The Girls were given to long time Windsor Castle Stewards Margaret Artbroke Chalfant and her husband William Chalfant ca 1485-1542. The money left to the family by Anne of Cleaves secured the purchase of 220 acres of land from William Penn when both emigrated to the USA. My Chalfant ancestors brought the Queens J2a Central SPAIN mt. DNA to America in the 6 chalfants marriages prior to Collins, Cookston to Rice my family and all my sisters and mother and her sisters Carry this important marker from the sister of the Holy roman Emperor Ferdinand II…..who’s sister married the Duke of Cleaves. Although not yet a scientific fact I wonder if the Author had come across this family CHALFANT of Windsor in her research? D. Chrles Rice 1948 of the Nebraska Rice’s 10th great grandson of Anne of cleaves if True.

    • Banditqueen

      Although there was a rumour during the Spring and Summer of 1541 that Anne of Cleves was having a child by Henry Viii who visited her on several occasions and Kathryn Howard thought he may leave her, there is no contemporary evidence to substantiate any claims that Anna had any children. Henry Viii was aware of the rumours and put a stop to them.

      Family history is always interesting but I am afraid this is only a myth.

  2. Wonderful Heather Darsie has changed History with this book.

    Well done for all your hard work and research I’m looking forward to seeing my book – I have ordered it from Amazon

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