Watch: “I Am Henry” Short Film for Free!

When this short film came out over a year ago I was one of the first people who got to watch it. I absolutely loved it and now you can watch it too – for free!! Please watch and share your feedback!

From Flying Dutchman Films:

The setting for I Am Henry is Syon Abbey. Henry VIII is dead and his body is resting at the abbey overnight, surrounded by candles and guarded by a monk, while on its journey from Whitehall Palace to Windsor Castle for burial. At Syon, Henrys spirit meets those of Anne Boleyn, Catherine of Aragon and Henry, Duke of Cornwall, his short-lived son by Catherine, who are keen to share their thoughtsof him. Henry, of course, cannot help but confront them and put forward his own point of view.

There is a yearning quality to the story as Henry is confronted with his misdeeds, especially his betrayal of Anne, and though Henry insists he regrets nothing, were left uncertain this is actually the case.

Anchored by sensational performances from Sebastian Street and Fleur Keith, I Am Henry is visually stunning and entirely compelling.

“When the Reformation began in 1517, the Church and culture were soon to change forever. As part of this commemorative 500th anniversary of the Reformation, FLYING DUTCHMAN FILMS is releasing the multi award-winning and critically acclaimed short film I AM HENRY, now free to view and share. Written and directed by Jan Hendrik Verstraten and produced by Massimo Barbato and Tarik Kemp, this Rembrandt-inspired drama stars Sebastian Street (Henry VIII), Fleur Keith (Anne Boleyn), Maria De Lima (Catherine of Aragon) and George Johnston (Henry, Duke of Cornwall). Cinematography by Simon Giles-Rowling, Costume Design by Kristen Ernst Brown and Hair and Make-Up by Chanel Murray.”

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  1. Lovely, tender, but I think Anne would not have been so gentle with her KING and Lord of England. I rather imagine her transformation from gentle soul with a steel center would have swung with a wide arc at the man who would not believe that he had succumbed to the same scourge of common folk. “Behold thou might Lord how low is your estate now? How far fallen are ye in the realms of men? Why so timid among we who loved and praised your Majesty without ceasing? You are now to reap your reward and I swear to you this will not make you happy. No, your precious son Edward by sickly Jane will whither from the inside and be despoiled on the outside such than none will come near him….he will reek of his father’s Putredness and gangreen will be his chief reward along with the POX. Look Henry: Look upon me who loved you so….and know that God will not grant your plea of entrance to our heaven here.” D. Charles Rice 1948

    • “My Anne” was a feisty lady, mayhap because my life is so very different in these times thank goodness. “My Anne” would have given Henry an earful!

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