1. Henry VIII must have turned over in his grave to know that his will was being thwarted and USURPED by his first born Mary daughter of Katerina of Spain. Now: since I am an Ameican with blood ties to Tudors I am keen to know if a KINGS DECREE is meant to last obligating his heirs or not? If King Edward VI could not make a change then was he really a KING? Why are we not following Dead Kings directives back 500 years ago if the King’s Will has to be followed. Indeed Why bother if Edward as the KING was so dishonored? He Named Jane Grey….Why did the nation not follow? DCR

    • Carol Haring

      Those who secretly remained Catholic in their hearts backed Mary & they were more organized & therefore, Mary became queen. It always comes down to politics and religion.

  2. Catalina Monti di Oro

    Who cares what the illegal Queen of England thought? Mary, Queen of Scots was an independent Queen of an independent country and could do as she wished. Elizabeth did not belong on England’s throne because she was not legitimate. Even though Anne Boleyn had a Coronation meant nothing. Catherine of Aragon was still alive and the divorce case was still going on in Rome. In 1534, Henry the Eight was suppose to go back to Catherine of Aragon because the Pope had decreed that the marriage between Catherine of Aragon and Henry the Eight was legal and could not be undone. Of coarse, Mary, Queen of Scots should have succeeded to England’s throne when she was Dauphine of France. Imagine how happy Henry the Second of France would have been. He was a horrible man who hated Queen Mary the First of England. England was already a Catholic country and Scotland would have gone back to normal, as England, Scotland and France would have been united. Elizabeth hated Philip of Spain?! She should have worshipped the ground he walked on. It is because of Philip the Second of Spain that she got a chance to make it look like she was so, so important by actually getting crowned Queen of England. And Philip the Second of Spain only encouraged Mary the First to treat her half sister a bit better so that Elizabeth would have the chance to succeed because he did not want Henry the Second of France to be happy.

    • Tudors Dynasty

      I believe you are mistaken because once Katherine of Aragon died in January 1536 Anne Boleyn became (for those who are pro-Katherine) the rightful queen.

      Elizabeth may have still been considered illegitimate but both she and Mary were listed in Henry VIII’s line of succession. In addition, Henry did not list any of his sister Margaret’s descendants are heirs, only his younger sister Mary – hence the issue with Lady Jane Grey after the death of Edward VI.

      In my opinion, Henry VIII had the right to name his successors and he did not include Mary, Queen of Scots or any other descendant of her great grandmother, Margaret Tudor.

      Also, it wasn’t until AFTER Queen Mary I’s wedding with Philip that she began to convert England back to Catholicism.

    • Regardless of the circumstances of her birth, Elizabeth was rightfully named heir by Parliament, making her the legitimate Queen according to English law. As Tudor’s Dynasty states, this legislation completely bypassed the descendants of Margaret Tudor.

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