1. Steven

    Walsingham was a bigiot and a malicilous evil man whose hatred of Queen Mary of Scotland (MQOS( blinded him to reason and justice it was he with Cecil and their secretary mastermind and fabricates and put the false information against Queen Mary in the so called Badington plot there was nothing in Queen Mary’s hand writing which she correctly stated at her farce of a trial it was second hand writing no court today would convict Mary on such very flawed and weak evidence. as a sovereign Queen of a foreign country and the legitimate and rightful Queen of England it isudicious to have charged Queen Mary of treason . Queen Mary was illegially held againat her will and England had no legal or moral right to imprision her nevr mind try her and murder her.England owed Queen Mary its obiedance and allegiance it is rather ironic that the very country who murdered her gave her a royal state funeral oaid for by the english government with the countess of Bedford as Elizabeth’s personal representative. I have never known anyone who was sent to the scaffold for treason being accorded such an honour by the state who executed them . An admission of guilt and it is very apt it was Queen Mary’s son King James VI who inherited the english throne that belonged to his mother uniting both the crowns of Scotland and England and its Queen Mary’s bloodline that flows into our present Queen Elizaberh every monarch of Great Britain desend from Queen Mary and many of europes monarchs also. Those who committed treason against their lawfully legitimate and righrful Queen will on the day of judgrment answer for tbeir crime of falsly accusing rebelling and commiting regicide against thier and Gods annoited Queen .as Queen Mary warned the thearte of the world is wider than the realm of England and in my end is my beginning. Queen Mary won in the end her tomb in Westminster Abbey which have had the privilage of standing beside is tbe most magnificent and imposing and most visited of all say it.

  2. Maureen Henry

    I love history and his sisters archeology and genealogy.
    My main i terest is Ireland and England. My family name is Henry and even though they ended up in Ireland I believe they came from England or Scotland.

  3. Thank you Alan. Good enlightening piece. I noticed that you do not mention the Duke of Norfolk’s role in these treason plot. However the level of detail was interesting in such a short text.

  4. Suzanne

    Fortunate you to have been born in Britain! I wish I had been, because I love history too, and count myself an armchair historian. However, the oldest history here in the USA is not too much older than 350 years or so. So, I depend on people like you to give me fascinating glimpses of the far distant past. Thank you so much for your post. I look forward to more!

    • Tudors Dynasty

      Suzanne, we must not forget the Native Americans and their history. They have been here much longer than the Europeans. But I understand where you’re coming from. English architecture brings history to life, and we don’t have that in the U.S. – except on the east coast. Thanks for following!

      • Suzanne

        Oh, yes, of course! Never to forget those brave people. And I am not being facetious, there. But I was thinking mainly about the architecture and writings (I.e., Bede). Thanks.

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