Video: Oldest Footage of London Ever

This video has been around since April 2015, but it’s possible some of you may not have seen it when it first made rounds on similar sites to ours.

There is something to be said for looking back in time at what things were actually like a century ago. So many things are the same, like the buildings in London – only the people and our technology have changed. Our clothing is different, our cameras are better, but we still walk around our lovely cities and enjoy the sites. Londoners are very lucky because their sites are historical. Around nearly every corner there is a story.

A great thanks to the people at YesterVid for sharing this with the world!

Directed by
Al Paton

Produced by

Yestervid 2015
Standard YouTube License


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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful old footage of London. We have been visiting since 1974 and it remains as attractive as ever. We like that the other side of the river is now being developed and getting its due.

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