1. Good article, but I don’t think it presents the full picture. The law permitting boiling alive as a form of execution was passed in very specific circumstances following the attempted poisoning of Bishop Fisher.
    The act was repealed within 17 years. Richard Rosse was one of only two people ever known to have been subjected to the penalty in England.

    Pressing was not, in itself, supposed to be a punishment or a form of torture, but instead a way of forcing a person to enter a plea in the courts.
    It was an extreme last resort, and by all accounts, most agreed to enter a plea long before it was put into action, or before fatal pressure was exerted.

  2. Charlene Edwards

    This is a good article, however you need to revisit Year Four. There are glaring errors that need correcting. Otherwise, it’s quite a fair article.

  3. Richard P. McArthur

    Kateryn Parr
    Is there any contemporary document using this form as her name?

    • Tudors Dynasty

      Id think her signature is enough. In addition to that there wasnt standardized spelling as there is now. I know youve brought this up before, Richard, but she DID sign her name this way.

  4. KathyB

    There were a whole lot of people executed by Henry viii’s orders re The Pilgrimage of Grace as well as the Dissolution.

  5. With this much blood on his hands how could Henry have been received into Heaven? There should have been celebrations in the streets if so much Killing had been the King’s doing? The impulse toward Murder did or did not continue under the Edward VI rule?

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