1. Maggie Harradine

    Oh such guilt.. he did lay beside her but she spoke the truth knowing she was on the downside of her life.. Not quite sure why you would defend him..

    • I guess because we never know the truth between a husband and wife–my children are in their 40’s and 50’s and hear things about their late father after he’s been gone 14 years. Some is truth good and /or bad and some is fabrication depending on the person and situation you’re dealing with—Try this with people who lived hundreds of years ago and try to make 100% sense of any of it.. ….as they say the truth of anything usually lies in the middle.

      • Kim

        What you say is wise. Truth about people is usually a bit of this and a bit of that. Seymour was a cad, an opportunist and craved power. In this he wasn’t so different to lots of other men of his time (or any other). He was bolder than some others and got up a lot of people’s noses. But this doesn’t mean he didn’t care for Catherine; they had quite a long history, after all. I am rather touched that he lay on the bed beside her as she was dying.

  2. Sunny Rowe

    I think there is probably a little wiggle room on both sides. Most certainly Thomas loved Catherine, but it didn’t stop his outrageous behavior with Elizabeth Tudor. The love of power often precludes the love of love. Elizabeth Tyrwhyt may or may not have disliked him, and perhaps she was already witness to his wandering eye. In any event, I believe Catherine had the rose colored glasses removed from her eyes, and her dreamed of perfect love wasn’t so rosey after all.

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