1. Mary Eynard

    I’ve seen paintings of women in French hoods which appear to show a thin strap under the chin. What was the common practice for wearing a French hood? Was the hood held in place by hat pins or did the design of the hood help it ‘adhere’ to the shape of the head?
    Thank you.

    • Lani Tucker

      The hair was braided around the crown of the head. The hood was pinned to the hair or an under coif that was tied or pinned on. The French Paste was pinned on over the Hood.

  2. Ellie Merritt

    While these hats are beautiful, they look uncomfortable as are the women’s clothes. However, today we are now wearing very boring clothes. I do like the idea of hats coming back in style but I doubt that I will see it in my lifetime.

  3. Lisa Marrero

    Do you know of a book that has these pictures? I’ve
    found books that only have drawings. I’d prefer to
    see pictures with details in color.
    I am fascinated by the clothing of The Tudor era
    and other eras also.
    Thank you

    • Sara

      I have a book called A Pictorial History of Costumes from Ancient times to the Nineteenth Century by Wolfgang Bruhn and Max Tilke.

      It has over 1900 costumes with 1000 in colour. It cost $40.95 CDN ( $26.95 USD)

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