Tudor Trivia #2

The Tudors have captured the imaginations and intrigue of anglophiles for centuries, but in the past few decades their story has become available to the masses. It’s with that in mind that I created this Tudor Trivia quiz, and encourage you to test your Tudor knowledge.

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Tudor Trivia #2

You know them, or you think you know them, but can you answer all these questions correctly?

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This woman was governess to Mary, Elizabeth and Edward Tudor, children of Henry VIII and all future monarchs. Who was she?

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Of the following women, which did not marry (or attempt to marry) without Henry VIII's permission?

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Which of the following ladies was suggested as a bride for Thomas Seymour during the reign of Henry VIII?

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This was given as a gift to Mary Tudor from her husband King Louis XII and after his death (and Mary secretly wed Brandon) it was given to Henry VIII...

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In 1548, Elizabeth Tudor was sent from the household of Kateryn Parr to live with the Dennys at which location?

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To whom did Henry VIII write the following words? 'If I were still free, I would still choose her for wife before all other'.

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How long did the Tudors reign in England? (these are "about", not exact count)

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What year did Queen Mary I wed Philip of Spain?

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Owen Tudor was the servant of which widowed Queen, with whom he began having an affair?

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More’s imprisonment, trial and execution was due to his refusal to take what oath?

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The Battle of Flodden was fought against what country, resulting in a victory for the English?

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What religion was Anne of Cleves?

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Margaret Douglas was niece to Henry VIII? Who was Margaret’s parent?

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The first captain to lead a circumnavigation around the world in a single expedition, Francis Drake, is awarded knighthood by this monarch.

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Perkin Warbeck, a pretender to the English throne, claimed to be Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York, second son of Edward IV at the Court of Burgundy, and ultimately gained support to overthrow this monarch.

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