1. How wonderful to see their likenesses in wax. It brings them to life more than paintings. I think they were all rather attractive women. I’m glad at least two of them outlived Henry.

  2. Jennifer Nelson

    What does a double skin mean? “David Starkey, in his 2004 biography of the queens of Henry VIII, stated that Katherine had auburn hair, pale skin, dark eyes and brows, the rather fetching beginnings of a double skin”

  3. Ellie Merritt

    Is there a place where the wax figures are on display? They do look like their paintings and I would love to see an exhibit of them along with anything that was of that time or replicas of some of their clothing.

    • Ellie Merritt

      Is there a place where the wax figures are on exhibit? I would like to see anything remaining of any of the wives or things of that time. I would like to see duplicates of any of their clothes

      • Tudors Dynasty

        If you Google Madam Tussaud’s wax figures (Henry VIII) you will find where they are. Also, in the next few days there will be a post here regarding replica gowns.

        • Debra K Goodwin

          I was at Madam Tussaud’s in the 80s, It is very interesting to see them and be able to look right into their faces when you know so much about their lives and deaths.
          If I recall correctly, I was struck by how small they all were. I had always thought of Henry as being a 6’3′ guy. I seem to recall thinking he might have been 5’8″ and his wives were all under 5’4″.

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