Timeline of a King: Edward VI



  • October 12 – Prince Edward was born at Greenwich Palace. His mother was Jane Seymour. He was the only son of Henry VIII to survive infancy.
  • October 15 – The baptism of Prince Edward was performed at Hampton Court. Both Mary and Elizabeth participated in the ceremony. Edward was declared Duke of Cornwall and Earl of Chester.
  • October 24 – Edward’s mother, Jane Seymour, died from child-bed fever a fatal form of septicemia.
  • Later this year – Lady Margaret Bryan was moved from Elizabeth’s household to Edward’s as his Lady Mistress.
  • November 12 – Edward’s mother was buried in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor.


  • January 6 – Edward’s father, Henry VIII married Anne of Cleves, his fourth queen consort.
  • July 9 – The marriage between Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves was annulled.
  • July 28 – Edward’s father, Henry VIII married Katherine Howard, his fifth queen consort.


  • November 23 – Queen Katherine Howard is formally stripped of her title and was to be referred to as Lady Katherine Howard.


  • February 13 – Lady Katherine Howard (former queen consort) was executed at the Tower Green.


  • July 1 - Treaty of Greenwich was signed, it betrothed Prince Edward to Mary Stuart  daughter of the late James V of Scotland
  • July 12 – Edward’s father, Henry VIII married Katherine Parr, his sixth and final queen consort.
  • December 11 – Scottish Parliament broke the Treaty of Greenwich which led to an England-Scotland conflict called the Rough Wooing. Led by Edward’s uncle Edward Seymour.


  • January 28 – Edward’s father, Henry VIII died at Whitehall and young Edward succeeded him as King of England at nine years old.
  • January 31 – Earl of Hertford (Edward Seymour) was named Lord Protector of the Realm and Governor of the King’s person during Edward’s minority.
  • February 16 – Edward’s father, Henry VIII was buried beside his mother, Jane Seymour in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor.
  • February 20 – Coronation of Edward VI.
  • Spring/Summer – Edward’s step-mother, Katherine Parr married Thomas Seymour within six months after the death of Henry VIII.


  • February 7 – Young Mary, Queen of Scots flees Scotland to the safety of France to avoid capture by the English. This ends the War of Rough Wooing.
  • September 5 – Katherine Parr died from child bed fever after having her only child, Mary with Thomas Seymour.


  • March 20 – After plotting against Edward VI his uncle, Thomas Seymour was executed.
  • Edward introduced a uniform Protestant service in England based on his Book of Common Prayer.


  • October 8 – Edward’s grandmother, Margaret Wentworth died, she was mother to Queen Jane, Edward and Thomas Seymour all listed above.


  • Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset was executed after being deposed by John Dudley, 1st Earl of Warwick.


  • John Dudley arranged the marriage of his son to Lady Jane Grey and then convinced the ill Edward VI to name Lady Jane Grey as his heir.
  • May 25 – Lady Jane Grey was married to Guilford Dudley.
  • July 6 – Edward VI died and in his will he changed the succession by naming Lady Jane Grey and her male heirs in his line of succession.


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