Timeline of a King: Henry VIII (1491-1547)

Henry VIII ruled England for 37 years – 281 days. Once I started thinking about all the events in Henry’s life I wanted to see what they looked like in timeline form. Please keep in mind these are not all the events in his life, but some of the most important events that, in my opinion, shaped who he was at the end of his life.

Young Henry VIII Henry Vlll




  • June 28 – Birth of Prince Henry Tudor


  • June 8 – Death of Henry’s grandmother dowager Queen, Elizabeth Woodville.


  • 31 October – Prince Henry was created Duke of York.


  • December 21 – Death of Henry’s great-uncle Jasper Tudor, Duke of Bedford


  • Death of Henry’s younger brother Edmund, Duke of Somerset (born Feb. 1499)


  • Became Duke of Cornwall
  • April 2 – Death of Henry’s older brother (and heir to the throne), Arthur, Prince of Wales.


  • Became Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester
  • February 10 – Death of Henry’s infant sister Katherine. She was 8 days old.
  • February 11 – Death of Henry’s mother,Queen Elizabeth (of York)
  • June 23 – A treaty was signed for the marriage of Katherine of Aragon and Henry, Prince of Wales
  •  June 25 – The couple were officially betrothed
  • August 8 – Marriage of Henry’s older sister Margaret to King James IV of Scotland was celebrated in person at Holyrood Abbey. (By proxy marriage was performed January 25th at Richmond Palace)


  • April 21 – Henry VII died and Henry succeeded to the throne of England
  • June 11 – Marriage of Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon
  • June 24 – Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon were anointed and crowned together.
  • June 26 – Two days after Henry’s coronation, he arrested his father’s two most unpopular ministers, Sir Richard Empson and Edmund Dudley. They were charged with high treason  and were executed in 1510
  • June 29 – Death of Henry’s grandmother, Margaret Beaufort


  • January 12 – Henry enters his first joust as King
  • January – Queen Katherine gave birth to a daughter (stillborn)


  • January 1 – Queen Katherine gave birth to a son (Prince Henry)
  • February 22 – Newborn Prince Henry dies


  • Queen Katherine gave birth to a son (stillborn)


  • October 9 – Henry’s sister, Princess Mary married King Louis XII of France


  • January 1 – Death of King Louis XII of France – leaving Henry’s sister dowager Queen of France
  • February - Queen Katherine gave birth to a son who died soon after


  • February 18 – Birth of Princess Mary (daughter of Katherine of Aragon)


  • November - Queen Katherine gave birth to a daughter (stillborn)


  • June 15 – Birth of Henry’s illegitimate son with Elizabeth “Bessie” Blount – Henry Fitzroy


  • October – Pope Leo X awards Henry VIII the title of Defender of the Faith for his writings against Luther and Reformation


  • November 29 – Death of Cardinal Wolsey


  • November 14 – Secret wedding of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn


  • January 25 – Henry VIII married Anne Boleyn publicly
  • June 25 – Death of Henry’s younger sister Mary, dowager Queen of France
  • September 7 – Princess Elizabeth is born to Henry and his queen, Anne Boleyn


  • November – Act of Supremacy passed in Parliament. Henry is now the supreme head of the Church of England


  • July 6 – Execution of Henry’s long-time friend, Thomas More


  • Dissolution of the monasteries begins
  • January 7 – Katherine of Aragon died
  • May 19 – Anne Boleyn is executed
  • May 20 – Henry VIII becomes betrothed to Jane Seymour
  • May 30 – Wedding of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour


  • October 12 – Birth of Prince Edward (Edward VI) to Henry and Jane Seymour
  • October 24 – Jane Seymour died


  • September 4 – Betrothal of Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves


  • January 6 – Marriage of Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves
  • June 10 – Thomas Cromwell was arrested
  • July 9 – Annulment of the marriage of Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves
  • July 28 – Henry VIII weds young Katherine Howard, & Thomas Cromwell is executed


  • Irish Parliament proclaimed Henry VIII as King of Ireland
  • October 18 – Death of Henry’s older sister Margaret, dowager Queen of Scotland


  • February 13 – Katherine Howard is executed
  • November – Scotland’s King James V is defeated by Henry VIII at the Battle of Solway Moss. James dies and his infant daughter Mary Stuart becomes Queen of Scots


  • July 12 – Henry VIII married Catherine Parr


  • January 28 – Henry VIII died and was succeeded by his son, Edward VI
Henry VIII Henry_VIII_(6)_by_Hans_Holbein_the_Younger Henry Vlll

Henry VIII History

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  1. Henry viii was a ruthless King who abused his position of power whilst under pressure to keep the Tudor dynasty going on after his death. He knew it would slip away if he didn’t produce a male heir. The lives of any one or organisation that stood in the way of this were destroyed.

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  3. Thank you for this! I’m a homeschooling mom and we are delving into Henry’s reign this year. This is incredibly helpful to keep things straight as we teach/learn it.

  4. Excellent! Very important days in deed. I had my calculator out putting his age through different events and happenings. I was shocked and saddened to see the number of stillborn’s by Kathrin, even though it was well known she had a difficult time having children.
    Thank you again for that great timeline our our past King Henry VIII.

  5. I also enjoy the timeline and I thank you.it is a I appreciate very much the time, expense, and energy you spent in putting this together. I do have one question, however. Do you know, or know anyone, what might be able to tell Henry’s age in these portraits? Just for curiosity sake only.

    But again, thanks so much on the time line.

  6. I always have such a hard time wrapping my mind around the Tudor times of Henry VIII; this was a great way for me to see it in timeline approach.
    So much activity for 1 person!

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