1. Very informative: My information says that when Robert Dudley was made Lord Protector and to receive 20,000 lbs sterling per annum she confessed to the priests that she had obeyed the laws of the CHURCH. Meaning her secret marriage to Dudley and the alleged children were legitimate: Mary Sidney 1561 Francis Bacon 1563 (History of Parliment on line shows him with the Queen and Dudley as a family) not often but often enough to have his debts forgiven by James I and Paid 40,000 lbs in return to swear never to seek the throne. Nov 22, 1565 5 days out of sight with 9 mos. after Dudley made master of the Queens horses. Child given to Sir John Perrott 1528 her 1/2 brother to raise…Name John Perratt II. DNA passed to him by Dudley and his son Perrot ap Rice 1598 named father of my proved 6th great grandfather John Rice of Dedham 1624 is 23/25 match to dudley’s 2nd cousin and 59/67 to Dudley’s sixth cousin Robert Sutton. D. Charles Rice on Face Book you can see some of the photo’s of 3 lines of Tudor descent via Dudley.

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