• Tudors Dynasty

      Definitely not. It’s more believed that it was someone inside RIII’s circle. It makes more sense. Now, the Ricardians will argue my statement but many say it is impossible for the Tudors to have been involved.

  1. Lynn Drummond

    I think Elizabeth Woodville would have been extremely proud of Elizabeth the First. But somehow I do not thing the Elizabeth Woodville would have wanted or cared if a Tudor line was contined, since the Tudors killed Richard the 3rd and might have had a hand in the deaths of her 2 sons. Then there is always the question of what Elizabeth of Yorks relationship with her uncle Richard was? ?? And was she truly the “spoils of war” as related by the French and Italians,” since these couriers saw her as both sides, with Richard and with Henry, would she be proud of her grandaughter, yes and fearful.

  2. Victoria L. Lyttle

    Not sure about Elizabeth Woodville’s character, I’ve read it both ways (actual history not fantasy). Then again history is wrote by the victors. Elizabeth I, she was very true to herself. And if I was in her shoes, I’d been just like her. Men bring you down. Especially in that era.

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