This Day in History: 25 June

1529 – Katherine of Aragon was found in contempt of the court of Blackfriars for not attending

Catherine_aragon (1)









Famous Births 25 June:

1242Beatrice of England, Duchess of Brittanny (d. 1275)

1328 William Montacute, 2nd Earl of Salisbury, English military leader (d. 1397)

1373 Joanna II, Queen of Naples (1414-35)

Famous Deaths, 25 June:

1483 Edward V, king of England (Apr 9-Jun 25, 1483) – was never seen again after being put in the Tower. (This was actually the day that the assembly of Lords proclaimed Richard lll the rightful king-source: His parents were Edward lV and Elizabeth Woodville.










1483 – Anthony Woodville, 2nd Earl Rivers, brother to Elizabeth Woodville queen consort to Edward lV.


ElizabethWoodville (2)








1533 – Mary Tudor, Duchess of Suffolk/Dowager Queen of France, sister to Henry Vlll – married to the Duke of Suffolk, Charles Brandon











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