This Day in History: 19 June

1540 – Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex arrested & imprisoned on June 19, 1540.

From the son of a blacksmith to the 1st Earl of Essex, Thomas Cromwell’s fortunes grew, as did his friendship with Henry Vlll. That friendship with Henry is what inevitably caused his demise. Henry Vlll was an irrational man — Thomas did not receive a trial, and was sentenced to the axe.

Thomas Cromwell

1566 – King James VI of Scotland/James l of England was born on this day, June 19, 1566.

James was the son of Mary, Queen of Scots and Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley. James was only eight months old when Lord Darnley was found murdered in the orchard at Kirk o’ Field, in Edinburgh.  At thirteen months old, James became James Vl of Scotland after his mother was forced to abdicate the throne in his favor.  His father was dead, and his mother was forced to flee.


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