This Day in History: 9 July

henry and anne copy

1540 – King Henry VIII of England annuls his marriage to his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves.

1553 – Lady Jane Grey, daughter of the Duke of Suffolk, is proclaimed queen of England in succession to Edward VI, who died three days earlier having proclaimed both his half-sisters illegitimate. She reigned for nine days before being deposed by Mary Tudor, who had Jane executed the following February.

1553 – Bishop Ridley announced at the pulpit that both Mary and Elizabeth Tudor were bastards.

1572 – 19 Catholic priests hanged in Gorcum

1745 – Bonnie Prince Charlie’s “Elisabeth” battles with HMS Lion – for more, click here.

1877 – First Wimbeldon tournament begins

1900 – Queen Victoria give Royal Assent to an Act creating Australia thus uniting separate colonies on the continent under one federal government.

Wedding_of_Princess_Elizabeth_and_Philip_Mountbatten,_Duke_of_Edinburgh_photo1947 UK Princess Elizabeth 9th July 1947 : Princess Elizabeth the future Queen of England announces her engagement to Lt. Philip Mountbatten

1984 UK Wing of York Minster Gutted By Fire 9th July 1984 : A 760-year-old wing of York Minster, the largest medieval cathedral in Britain, was gutted by a fierce fire started by lightning. A rescue party save most of the historic and valuable artifacts from the burning cathedral including tapestries and silver candlesticks.
These Bells are still rung by hand and the sound is stunning.




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