This Day in History: 30 June

1286 – John de Warenne, 8th Earl of Surrey, English politician (d. 1347) born

1470 Charles VIII, King of France born. For more info on Charles Vlll, go to: The History Learning Site


Charles Vlll, King of France










1541 Henry VIII and Catherine Howard Set off on their Progress to the North

Read more: Anne Boleyn Files

1548 Emperor Charles V orders Catholics to become Lutherans. Say what!? For a little Wikipedia info on it, click Peace of Augsburg.


Charles V by Titian, 1548










1559 King Henry II of France is seriously injured in a jousting match against Gabriel de Montgomery. On 10 July he died from his injuries. For more info on this subject: History Today


King Henry ll of France


Gabriel de Montgomery










1598 King Philip II moves to Escorial palace











1670 Henrietta Anne Stuart, Princess of England, Scotland, and Ireland (b. 1644) dies










1688 Whig Lords questions prince William (III) of Orange on Protestantism










1758 Seven Years’ War: The Battle of Domstadtl takes place.


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