This Day in History: 29 June

1312 Holy Roman Emperor Henry VII crowned.

Unique Silk Cloth Found in Emperor Henry Vll’s CoffinRead here.


Holy Roman Emperor, Henry Vll

1397 John II of Aragon born.

King of Aragon from 1458 until 1479. He was the son of Ferdinand I and his wife Eleanor of Alburquerque. John is regarded as one of the most memorable kings of the 15th century.

John II of Aragon

1482 – Maria of Aragon, queen of Portugal born

Maria de aragon.jpg

Maria of Aragon, queen of Portugal

1509 – Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII of England.

Margaret is considered to be the one who got the throne of England for her son, Henry Tudor.  The Wars of the Roses ended at the Battle of Bosworth when Henry’s army killed Richard lll on the battlefield, and by Margaret and the dowager queen, Elizabeth Woodville by arranging to have Elizabeth of York to marry King Henry Vll – essentially bringing together both houses (York & Lancaster) to stop the fight for the throne.  So begins the Tudor rose – both red and white.

Lady Margaret Beaufort from NPG.jpg

1540 English ex-chancellor Thomas Cromwell sentenced as heretic


1613 Shakespeare‘s Globe Theatre burns down – for more info, click here.


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