1. debra

    I so love this site history and a good ghost story or curse goes well I hope you do Scotland and Ireland As well. Hard to believe in that time women were excute or Torture Even kids as well please keep up the good work love your history next time to the haunted white house please

  2. Debra

    The bones was confirmed that they were age 12 and 9 the same age the Princes disappear. They were placed in a urn. The queen refuse to aloud a DNA even when the bones of Richard the 3 was found. Maybe one day when Williams become king he will aloud a DNA TO put a end to this controversy. I doubt it they say lady Diana was murdered I don’t think we will ever know. Now that king Richard remains are found.the ghost of the two princes can now rest in peace knowing that justice was. Server

  3. Cheryl

    According to plaques onsite, the story of the missing two princes intensified in the 1600’s. When renovating, they found a small box under a staircase in one of the towers (I think, the Bloody Tower?). Not a coffin, but a typical box in a decaying state. The box held the bones of two small children, which were widely believed at the time to be the two princes.

    • Tudors Weekly

      Yes, I have heard that story. I’m not sure we’ll ever know if those skeletons were the Princes in the Tower or not. You are correct, the Bloody Tower. 🙂

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