1. A neat summary. There’s a typo re the Earl of Essex – he’s Robert Devereux. (Walter was his father, and Lettice’s first husband.) I think Robert Devereux has had an unfair press – in more ways than one. And while he did have the occasional affair after his marriage to Frances Sidney (nee Walsingham) the historian Paul E.J. Hammer suggests that some of the scandals may have arisen from no more than flirtations – of which there would have been plenty at Elizabeth’s court.
    Worth reading is Paul Hammer’s paper “Sex and the Virgin Queen: Aristocratic
    Concupiscence and the Court of Elizabeth I” which can be accessed online at JStor.

  2. brigitte cherubini

    Thanks for posting this. It is quiet interesting! Queen Elizabeth I was as psycho as her father! LOL

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