1. Ruth daly

    Hold onto your dream. Was a poor clerk typist but worked 5 years to save for own childhood dream. At age 24 sailed on queen mary to England March 1966. Worked briefly in Scotland and rest of time in London. Sailed home on queen Elizabeth in Nov 1968. Later had husband and family. Travel first while single. Excellent article.


    This article has helped me to soften somewhat toward Henry VII. After reading so much about Richard III and becoming so sympathetic to him and kind of a “Ricardian” I found it hard to feel any good for a person I regarded as a usurper to the crown. I wanted to change history at Bosworth. And then to add insult to injury to see Elizabeth of York, the first daughter of Richard’s brother Edward, marry this wretch and live in what seemed like complicity with him, well it all left me very unhappy with the beginnings of the House of Tudor. But alas, history, it must be accepted, and I am always cheered when there is good in it.

  3. Linda Cresswell

    I think this article speaks more of the unsaid. “Henry made several attempts to remarry.” No one wanted to marry the King of England. His reputation was evident even at that time. A louse.

    • Marian

      There may be some truth to that but there were several potential brides who were already in negotiations to marry him. But some didn’t materialize due to political and financial reasons. Add also to the fact that his health was already increasingly ill.

  4. Chris

    I attended Queen Elizabeth’s School in Wimborne Minster, Dorset. This was named in honour of Elizabeth of York who established a school on the site. It was nice to learn more about her.

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