The Origins of Tudor

How much do you know about the origins of Tudor?  I found this article that explains it all!

The House of Tudor became one of the most successful royal dynasties in British history, with a direct line passing from Henry Tudor to his son Henry VIII and his three children Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I.

Yet this powerful dynasty which provided England with five sovereigns had its roots firmly in Welsh soil at a place called Penmynydd on the island of Anglesey. The Tudurs, to give them their original Welsh spelling, would go on to take their place in history, thanks to their son, Owain ap Maredudd ap Tudur – or Owen Tudor as he later became known.

But just how a commoner managed to marry into royalty and kick-start a dynasty beggars belief. It all began with an unlikely liaison between Catherine of Valois and a charismatic Welshman with a taste for adventure.”

Finish the BBC article titled, How did a lowly Welshman bed a queen and sire a nation?

by Edward Hargrave, after Unknown artist, coloured line engraving, 1842

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