1. Michelle

    This was so interesting!! I knew about some of the castles and some I had no idea about! Thank you for such an interesting read!

  2. Katherine Covhran Smith

    ~ Thank you for sharing. King Henry XIII was quite a character. Daughter, Queen Mary, was somewhat of a character in her own right. Activity by both gives reason for Christians to wonder if either of them spent time reading The Holy Bible, and following Its teachings. Clearly, they each used The Bible as a weapon, rather than a spiritual guide.

    I suppose I should wait until morning to have this conversation. I’m in bed with my iPad, and my historical family research, journals, notebooks, documents, and computer are in another room. I spent a good part of yesterday researching the the Bain, Bayn, Bayne, Bain, Bainbigge, Bainridge, Bainbridge family, although, I may be chasing my tail when all is said and done.ncles. His father, King Henry VII, is my direct ancestor. ~

    • Alison

      Henry and Anne were of their time. Henry did a wonderful thing, bringing the mother tongue to his people. Weakness was NOT an option, as seen by the legions of dead relatives, and beheading was possibly the nicest thing you could do to your rivals.

    • Dee J Arr

      It is truly amazing what can be accomplished using stolen wealth. Henry was a psychopathic egomaniac, not “the product of his time.” He was not a hero.

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