The Last Days of Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn miniature

The story of Anne Boleyn is one that has lasted throughout the centuries. The question has always been, did she or didn’t she? Was she guilty of the charges brought against her? While I don’t believe Anne was an innocent woman (keeping in mind she wedged herself between Henry & Katharine and pushed for the divorce), I don’t believe she was guilty of the charges brought against her.

Did Anne love Henry as he loved her, or was she cold and calculated for the things she desired most? Had she had the idea of being queen, or was it her father and uncle who pushed her in that direction?

Watch this documentary with some of my favorite historians and authors and answers the questions for yourself. I will always be intrigued by Anne and her life – she did not deserve to be beheaded and for things to end the way they did for her. An anointed queen beheaded….

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Anne Boleyn

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