1. Daffid ap Rhys a son of Sir Rhys ap Thomas and Beatrice are of more inportance than you may know. Beatrice is believed by me to be the daughter of Helen Tudor and Wm. gardiner the man who actually slew Richard III. Beatrice is named as being alive in his will of 1485 so was about 6 years older than Henry VIII. When spotted at the Field of Cloth of Gold in 1520 she became Pregnant my family lore says by Henry VIII she had a son Called “Harry” not Daffid and the boy was Educated at Durham Priory near the Princess Mary’s Castle in Wales. Further all his expenses came from her accounts (SEE HISTORY OF PARLIMENT on line) His entire life was around Mary Tudor and when he returned from his schooling he took on the mid level work of a supporter during the years of Jane Grey….for which he received Manors at Medmenham and elsewhere for his Good Catholic Support. He claimed Gentle Birth but none was proved. Mary’s Reign he was granted ARMS in May of 1555. His sister Mary born 1530 was given 7 yards of White Silk for her wedding gown when she married Thomas Jenkins. The King had Beatrice doing his shirts and household lennins from 1519 till he died. She stayed with Princess Mary Tudor until her death. Harry ap Rhys 1521 born 9 mos. after the field of Cloth of Gold married Barbara Fulde and left his estate to a cousin also named William ap Rhys via the family of Gruffed ap Rhys and Joan Otter a sister in law who conceived a William Rice 1508 before Gruffed married His wife Catherine Howard Lady Bridgeport at age 14. That line is known as the Henry Rice of Edmund Rice Family my 6th cousin. DC RICE 1948 of Nebraska Rices

  2. Kim A.

    This is wonderful information in terms of little known individuals from history as well as reference material for modern reinactors. Please do the same thing for Elizabeth I. Thank you!!!

    • Tudors Dynasty

      I also made a post called, “Elizabeth’s Ladies” but it’s definitely not as extensive as the Mary ones. An Elizabeth one might take ten posts to complete! Haha. I’ll see what I can do. It’s very time consuming to find all the names.

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