1. Had Anne Given the King two sons instead of two daughters Lucy and Elizabeth Chalfant 1540 there would be no leagal attempt to find out whether she had had a son in 1541. Court papter show the court made inquiry to which the Lady Anne replied: ” I have had no sons My Lord King Henry of England”. Satisified the court left her to enjoy her enormous good forturne and the two girls were raised by William and Margaret Chalfant: Stewards at Windsor CAstle 4th cousins of the Blounts. That line proceeds into the 20th century where my mother Mildred M. Cookston -Rice with J1 A mt. DNA from Central Spain gave birth to the heirs of these Two Daughters of Henry Tudor. Further she is the 17th great grand dauther off John of Gaunt 3rd son of Edward IIIand his Spanish Wife . Their son Son, Uncle of Margaret Beaufort is our 16th great grandfather. Rice’s of NEbraska 194822

    • Banditqueen

      Utter nonsense. You are living in fantasy land, Dale. Henry didn’t have any children with Anna of Cleves. It was just an unverified vicious rumour that she was having a son by Henry Viii after her annulment. I don’t know where you’re family history is from but I suggest you get a more factual DNA based genealogy done. This is based on fiction and fantasy.

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