1. Henry Knighton the chronicler said the plague entered England via Southampton the population fell from c4000 to 1800 and did not recover till the end of the sixteenth century

  2. Fleur

    Is there any chance you can fix up that chart? Bubonic Plague is one of the forms of Plague one can get. It isn’t the disease in its entirety. As a studying microbiologist, the name ‘Bubonic Plague’ is very irksome in articles that discuss Plague and the history of the disease.
    I really liked this article. Thank you for writing it!

    • Tudors Dynasty

      Hello, thank you for your comment! Are you referring to the chart by: Robert Zenner – Atlas zur Weltgeschichte (Atlas of World History) that I inserted into the post?

  3. Gill

    Closed captions on the ‘ring a ring’ video are atrocious and meaningless. Inaccessible to the Deaf Community. Please provide a link to a transcript?

    • Tudors Dynasty

      You are right, the captioning is atrocious. I’m not sure how to go about finding a transcript for it. When I have some free time I’ll try to transcribe myself and post it here for you.

  4. Wandrille

    Interesting article. However, you seem to use indiscriminately “bacteria” and “virus” (specifically when you describe the different type of plague). These are fundamentally different and in this specific example (Yersinia pestis) you should only “bacteria” (which is the plural of: “bacterium”).


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