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Tudor Women (Guest Post)

Today I welcome Kathy Lynn Emerson to my blog. This one is long overdue as I have used Kathy’s website as source material for many years. She has been kind enough to let me use her research as long as I linked to her site and give her credit – which I am more than…

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Life in Tudor England (Part One)

There are things that we take for granted because we’ve always had them. For instance: Plumbing, running water, cars, the internet, smartphones and the list goes on and on. Some of us even grew up without some of today’s luxuries and we survived just fine, but in Tudor England life was much more dangerous than…

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The Mistresses of Henry VIII

When we think of Henry VIII as a man the image that generally comes to mind is the overweight and smelly man who was filled with rage. Well, at least in his later years. In this article we will be looking back at the younger version of that man who was actually considered attractive. Back…

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