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The Conscience of Thomas Seymour

originally written February 1, 2017 for my other site: Sir Thomas Seymour, Baron Seymour of Sudeley Here we take a look at statement made by Thomas Seymour to his keeper, Christopher Eyre during the time that Eyre was his keeper after his arrest. 16 February 1548 – Upon communication of the Lord Admiral with his…

Portrait of Thomas Seymour

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Thomas Seymour’s Sudeley Castle

This history of Sudeley Castle goes back centuries. It’s majestic gardens were once visited by the likes of Richard III, Jasper Tudor, Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Katherine Parr and Lady Jane Grey. It 1469, King Edward IV forced a Lancastrian supporter (his enemies) to sell the castle to the crown. Edward IV then granted it…

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