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Anne Parr: Witness to History

Lady Anne Parr was sister to Kateryn Parr — sixth wife of Henry VIII. Anne Parr is unique because she was either a Maid-of-Honor, or Lady-in-Waiting to all the wives of Henry VIII, all six. A Maid-of-Honor was generally a young girl in her teens, just starting out at court. In order to hold the…

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Jane Seymour’s Rise to the Throne

  Birth: October 1507/08 (determined by the # of ladies in her funeral procession) Parents: Sir John Seymour & Margery/Margaret Wentworth Siblings: Edward, Elizabeth, Thomas & Henry (may be more) Spouse: King Henry VIII Children: King Edward VI Jane Seymour was a descendant of King Edward III’s son Lionel of Antwerp, 1st Duke of Clarence.…

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The Tudor Dynasty

The Tudor Dynasty began when Henry VII took the throne of England, married Elizabeth of York and had children. You could argue that the Tudor dynasty began with Margaret Beaufort and Edmund Tudor or maybe even Catherine of Valois and Owen Tudor. For now, let’s assume it began with Henry and Elizabeth. To make things…

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