Queen Mary: Her Last Sickness


Queen Mary’s Sickness: 17 November 1558:

This is taken from “Annals of Queen Elizabeth” by Sir John Hayward (1564-27 June 1627), found via public domain through National Archives.

The last sickness of Queen Mary was long and hard, her body was tired, “and almost wasted, with the violence of her disease; her mind anguished with thoughts, no less strange for variety, then strong for the great importance they drew, whereof some (doubtless) were secret and singular.”

While Mary lay in pain, “under the heavy hand of death” many rumors had spread in England and abroad that she was dead. The reaction of the people at the time showed the importance of the safety of their Queen. Some were saddened by the loss of their Queen and others were happy for their own political views would now be allowed under the rule of her Protestant sister.

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Mary Tudor, Queen of England: 18 February 1516 – 17 November 1558


“The Days of Queen Mary; Or, the Annals of her Reign” -by George Stokes

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