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Elizabeth: To Honor Thy Father

Honor Thy Father: After being proposed to by Thomas Seymour and rejecting his request, Elizabeth must have felt torn. It appears she would have accepted the proposal had it not been so soon after her father, Henry VIII’s death. There was, of course, a required mourning period and Elizabeth intended on honoring her father properly.…

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The Confession of Lady Elizabeth

The downfall of Thomas Seymour caused many important people to be questioned about his actions, as well as their own. Lady Elizabeth Tudor was no exception. Her relationship with Seymour was complicated to say the least. His own behavior, especially after the death of his wife Katherine Parr, is what led to his execution. The…

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Elizabeth’s Favorite Men

Queen Elizabeth was a single woman with a kingdom (or two) at her disposal. Many men wished to marry the Queen to advance their own status. Some came closer than others.  In this article we’re going to focus on two men (other than Robert Dudley) who came closest to marrying the Queen. Francis, Duke of…

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