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Symbolism in Elizabeth’s Portraits

Symbolism in Elizabeth’s portraits has been there all along, but some of us have chosen not to see it until now. It wasn’t until I recently watched a documentary that talked about the symbolism in Elizabeth’s “Rainbow” portrait that I started looking for them. In this article I will cover three portraits with obvious symbols.…

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Queens: The Three Elizabeths

From 1461 to 1603 there were three Elizabeths with the title of Queen – granted two were Queen consorts and one was Queen regnant, but regardless, for the sake of this post they were all queens. Queen Elizabeth Woodville (c. 1437 – 1492) – the consort of King Edward IV Queen Elizabeth of York (1466 –…

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Why Queen Elizabeth Never Married

We know Queen Elizabeth I never married, but do we truly understand why? Imagine being the daughter of a king who couldn’t settle on a wife, and then going from Princess to Lady overnight. Elizabeth’s mother, Anne Boleyn only had a couple of  years with her young  daughter.  Elizabeth most likely had no memory of…

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