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Tudor Rivals: The Scorned Rose and England’s Precious Jewel

Guest article by Anthony Ruggiero  The Tudor Dynasty of England, spanning from the late fifteenth century into the early seventeenth century, was a fascinating drama, filled with intrigue, lust and murder. The dynasty’s monarchs were its main characters whose relationships impacted the country socially, economically and politically. Such relationships included Queen Mary I and King…

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Kept from the King

content/uploads/2017/02/Kept-from-the-King.jpg”> At some point,during Edward’s last illness, Princess Elizabeth sent the King the following letter, however, John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland made sure the letter never reached her brother.This is noteworthy because it showsthat Elizabeth had attemptedto visit her brother, but had been stopped on her waythere, and sent back: PRINCESS ELIZABETH TO KING EDWARD…

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Jane Grey Admits to Her Faults

Jane Grey’s Character Statement: This is supposedly written as her statement to Queen Mary I regarding her involvement in the cause to make her Queen of England. Although my fault be such that, but for the goodness and clemency of the queen, I can have no hope of finding pardon, nor in craving forgiveness, having…

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